Wearable Technology in Amazon stores. Smart watches and smart glasses promotions!

The largest store in the world Amazon added a portable computers section called Wearable Technology. In this new section you will be able to find smart watches, smart glasses, cameras like GoPro, devices for monitoring vital signs and smart fitness equipment. While some of the devices are already available for several years the buyers begin to notice them now because of new products that appear. To help it’s customers Amazon will also start a Learning Center where will present video and detailed advice for buyers. Here consumers can learn about the compatibility of the device, the device will be compared with similar products and suggestions of other users so the buyer can decide which one will fit his needs the best. Apart from the major brands like Samsung, GoPro or Jawbone Amazon announces products from smaller manufacturers, such as Basis and Misfit, in order to increase the range and to provide each customer ability to find the device that is the best for him.

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