Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone fingerprint sensor hacked in just 4 days

After more than 6 months since the iTouch of iPhone was hacked it seems that Samsung Galaxy S5 have the same problem with it’s sensor fingerprint. Although it is a rather complex and less lengthy process, but both phones are vulnerable to the same hack. The omission, if such can be called, announced Berlin security firm Security Research Lab.

The hack itself it is a long-term process, really, but it is not something that can not be done. For a starters, you need a valid fingerprint that can be gathered from the phone itself. Then the process includes scanning, creating a negative mold and finally unlocking the phone. More important, once you unlock the phone you can even use applications for transfer money as PayPal (which is not a case with the iPhone). This omission allows the attacker to do whatever he want with your PayPal money.

Samsung responded to these charges by saying that in case of theft the company will immediately change the crypto key which is generated by the scanner. PayPal also has sophisticated protection against abuse and fraud protection before it happened, and in the rare cases when this happens users are covered by the policy of Samsung, says the company.

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