Pocket printer

Exactly as the name says, Pocket Printer, a printer that you can carry in your pocket, and it can print, from any device. The device comes from Israel startups Zuta Labs, providing their funds for this project via Kickstarter campaign.

Instead as on the default printer, Pocket Printer is based on a small robot which moves the printer on the paper.  The printer can now print one page per minute and for today’s standards it is really slow, but the huge advantage is that you can carry it anywhere in your pocket. Engineers working on the project are hoping that the new printer engines can print faster in the future, and soon you will have a better quality prints with new small and smart cartridges.

” Today it is mobile”, we live in a world where people are constantly on the go and end their commitments elsewhere. But one office tool is stuck in the past and has not changed a decade…  Talk to the printer.

The final version will support printing via PC, tablet PC , phone or through Bluetooth. The final version will be 10 cm height, 11,5 cm wide and weighs around 300 grams. For the future work they plan to create a color version of the printer.

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