Linking Strategies (Day 8)

After successful blog platform and plug-ins setup and learning how to write or rewrite articles it is time for most interesting part of this journey.

So, we are all ready to start some link building now, so lets do it!

Why Do We Even Need SEO?

“Because SEO gives you the most laser-targeted, and the often highest converting traffic that you can get.”

Few Benefits Of Seo Below are as follows:

Building an Asset:
– The search terms that your website ranks for and the number of visitors that it receives from the search engines are a tangible asset that you can build and develop.

Super Targeted Traffic:

– Think about it. For every person visiting your website through the search engines, they are pre-qualifying themselves as to what they are looking for.

For example, if your website is ranking for “online games” and someone clicks from the SERPS onto your website, you know exactly what they are looking for and can construct your website and content in such a way as to meet that need.

Free Traffic:

– That’s the beauty of SEO. Once your site is ranking for a specific keyword, you just need to maintain your position. As for the alternative, if you were to use CPC or another form of paid traffic, the moment you stop paying for traffic – you guessed it – your site has zero visitors. But once you’re ranking in SEO, you can relax a bit and enjoy the ride.

Tier 1

Step 1:- Intro

First of all what I am going to do is to get some articles written for my backlinks campaign. To start of with I will go with 15 unique articles, the length will be around 400 words, the article should be somewhat at readable quality. You can use rewritten content as well but if you can afford it’s best to use unique content for your tier 1 links. If you are looking to spin them do it manually and make sure they are at least readable (read them before you publish). For article spinning the best tool is The Best Spinner, but there are many other options available as well so look around.

Step 2:-Creating Web 2.0s

In this step I am going to make some web 2.0 blogs on some of the high PR platforms, like blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly… I will at least make 6 to 8 web 2.0’s to start with. Each of these blogs will at least have 3 pages on them. The first post will be about my niche with a link pointing to my site, the second will be a “about us” page with no links and only one short random post which will link to an authority site like Wikipedia etc… or some other authority site in your niche. Basically what we are doing here is a look as natural as we can so google can think that we are the one making these blogs. You have to treat these blogs as small micro niche sites so make sure they look nice and make sure that the page optimization is good.

Step 3:-Article Directory Links:-

In this step I will post my articles to some of the high page rank article directories with a link in the resource box. If you are spinning the content for this make sure it reads ok otherwise they won’t accept It.

Step 4:- Social Bookmarks

I will write about 25 unique descriptions about my site first, the length should be around 15 to 25 words as there is no need to write long descriptions. After that I will register to some of the high PR social bookmarking sites with different usernames and post my links there.

Step 5:-Doc Sharing Links

I will convert 1 article into a pdf format and add my link in the footer of this doc. After that I will submit it to entire high PR doc sharing sites.

Step 6:-Social Signals

Now we will need at least 20 Facebook likes, 20 twitter tweets and 20 stumble upon submits to our site.

Tier 2

(This will be semi-automated and we will be using a tools for this)

  • 100+ Do Follow Blog Comments to Web 2.0s
  • 300+ Social Network Posts to All Tiers 1
  • 5000 Wiki Links to All Tiers 1

Some Of The Tools Which I Will Be Using Are Below:

  • Scrapebox
  • Senuke
  • GSA
  • Wiki Robot/Bomber

After everything is ready submit all the links to linklicious or lindexed. If you don’t have access to these sites look for any other free mass pinging site and ping all your links so they can be crawled and indexed by google.

Alright guys, above Is my personal method to rank in medium to tough niches, works after any Google update like a charm. Just make sure you diversify your anchor text where 60% should be your targeted money keywords, 20% lsi keywords and last 20% should be generic keywords and naked.

I understand few of the above stuff is bit advance for new visitors or starters into Internet marketing world but if you have questions please ask It in comments bellow.

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  • Tier 2 links should be with 50% generic anchors 30% is anchors and 20% your money anchors going to your tier 1.
  • 100 do follow comments will go to the web 2.0s not the no follow, all should be do follow.
  • For social networks you can scrape an article and mass spin it, for wikis yes you will need links with anchors.
  • For tier 1 links you will hardly need any tools as all can be done manually, but it’s going to take some time.
  • For tier 2 you can outsource and even can go to fiverr for mass quantity links.
  • Be careful with your tier 1 links, in tier 2 links you can experiment a bit
  • I would prefer 5 high PR backlinks rather than a 5k blast on any day

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