How to promote your web site/blog for newbies

Maybe one of the most argued topics on the internet is How to promote your web site/blog for newbies only if you invest your time and some practical knowledge. Maybe we are not experts but we know few tricks that can save your time and give you results. So let’s started with the list. We will present you series of several notes that will have special place on

    1. Ask yourself what niche you are interested in – Day 1 
    2. After that keyword research for SEO – Day 2
      Addition Long Tail Pro – Day 3
    3. Domain name research – Day 4
    4. CMS research – Day 5
    5. Plugins/modules for CSM research – Day 6
    6. Articles writing / articles rewriting – Day 7
    7. Linking strategies – Day 8
    8. SEO for newbies – Day 9
      – How to make .htaccess file
      – How to create robots.txt
      – How to create xml
    9. Promotion tricks- Day 10
      Google alerts trick Day 11
    10. Steal Competition traffic ideas
    11. Bonus: Other income streams

There will be long few weeks until we write and follow everything together.

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