Happy 25-th birthday Game Boy

Back in the time this was a favorite toy which all gamers dreamed to have it, and today it celebrates 25 years of it’s existence.

With “Game Boy Pocket,” and “Game Boy Color” included, Nintendo has sold more than 118 million devices.

Although the number of the games at the beginning was small (“Super Mario Land”, “Yakuman,” “Baseball” and “Alleyway” only) for a very short time that number grew significantly, a U.S. market literally conquer the world market with their secret weapon called “Tetris”.

Thanks to innovation and the marketing Game Boy becomes the most popular device of this kind very fast, although it was not the first of this kind on the market.

I’m more than sure that nowadays children are not familiar with the first version, but they are with his successor, the Nintendo DS, which also should be noted that the latest 3DS has sold 43 million copies.

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