Generating traffic with commenting on competitors blogs

We are continuing with the topic of generating targeted traffic to your web site or blog. In this post I will explain you how to use old fashioned way of commenting and getting targeted traffic to your blog or web site.

First you need to ask yourself what is the easiest way to find competitors blogs and use it in your own advantage. I am sure that the most used blog platform is WordPress, and that is why I will explain to you how to exploit it. Just go to google and type this:

“Powered by WordPress” your targeted word.


Second you are searching and finding blogs that have open comments and start commenting.

The trick is to comment with your real or business name and put web site on the place where comments are publishes.


You can add 2-5 comments per day and increase your backlinks to your main web site. This backlinks are no-follow but they are quality ones because they build authority for your name and your website.

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