Facebook just buys the smartphone fitness-tracking application Moves

The creator of the popular fitness apps “Moves” that literally follow each step of yours and notifying you about everything, as how many miles did you pass, the calories consumed etc… is now a part of the big Facebook family. According to Facebook, the application that automatically recognizes whether go , run or ride a bike and displaying to you a minimal reports, is a great tool for the millions of people who love keep track about their daily fitness activities.

“Moves” was declared by Apple as “surprising hit” immediately after his start up. Now “Moves” has over one million users, and is downloaded over four million times from the App Store and Android Market. But although “Moves” is truly useful and informative application that follows even 60 activities there is one serious problem. Mainly the software works continuously in the background and can eat your battery for very short time.

The price for which Facebook buys Moves is still not known. They announced that “Moves” will continue to be a stand-alone application, but the team behind the application will be relocated in the offices of Facebook in London and California, and will probably be placed on future projects that will be associated with fitness.

On its blog, the Moves team says it will “work on building and improving their products and services with a shared mission of supporting simple, efficient tools for more than a billion people.” Zuckerberg and co. intend to keep the iOS and Android apps independent, and there are currently no plans to “commingle data with Facebook.” The social network employs a similar policy with Instagram and Whatsapp, which is no surprise given their huge user numbers and combined $20 billion price tag.

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