Domain name research (Day 4)

This topic is very interesting to write about it. Choosing the correct domain name is a bit of art itself. WHY? Because the domain name is a start factor for having high quality web site or blog, or having good ground for developing a fantastic site or blog. So, we will elaborate three ways of getting ideal combination of domain name.

We have already covered the topic where Long Tail pro is explained in details and how you can use it for choosing correct and best words and phrases for the new site or blog. For this purpose I shall say that when using a Long Tail Pro for searching new keywords there is an option to search for domain name availability with exact match domain with extension in .com .net .org etc… You can see on next picture what we actually talk about.


The other method is go to wisit and search for dropped domains in last minutes and hours. You can search by starting word, word in the middle of the domain name or word in the end. Also you can search for PR domains as well as DMOZ listed or not. But… pictures say a thousand words so please refer to the image bellow.


  1. The third way is simple as buying the domain name from any of the domain name registrars on the internet.

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