CMS research (Day 5)

For today we have prepared a detailed explanation about which Content management System to choose and why?

I have to tell you that my personal and professional choice would be WordPress. With 19% of the web sites running on WordPress and the fact that it’s so easy to manage, you can thank me one day for taking my advice.

I would say 70% of all blogs or niche profession web site runs on WordPress. For the other 30%, I have doubts between clean HTML, ASPX, PHP, Joomla and Drupal etc… I believe this adds a little extra security to your network and helps to hide the footprint left by WordPress somewhat.

The process of setting up these sites is exactly the same as creating any niche site, and can be broken down into 3 steps;

  1. Install your blogging platform
  2. Add a theme and plugins (vary these)
  3. Add content and OBL’s to your niche site and other authority sites

I would actually write a really long post about setting up a WordPress platform on your site but I know that you have done it before and will leave the explanation to bigger professionals than us in the field of Installing and Managing WordPress.

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