Articles writing /articles rewriting (Day 7)

Articles writing / articles rewriting

After successful WordPress installation and testing and tweaking the platform with WordPress plugins follows one of the most important phases into developing a web site or blog. It is well known to ways of generating content for your web site or blog.

  1. Article generating
  2. Article rewriting

We as a team always declare that the most important thing is to publish unique content on your/other web site or blog. That is why we try to write and suggest as much as possible unique ideas and always recommend that it is better to write something short and sweet but to be unique and user oriented than to do something else. There are two directions for generating unique content.

  • We always go with the hard way. The hard way is to make a plan for creating new web site or blog and generate the content by ourselves and our team members. We always educate on the themes or topics we want to write about and we always choose niche or sub-niche that has a lot of content generating ideas.
  • The easy way for generating unique and quality content is to go on special sites that are selling content – articles for money. It is advisable to look around and see what is offered now. But keep in mind that the price depends on the quality of writing. So native English writer on specific niche can ask you $10+ for 300-500 articles. And if it is SEO optimized it can be more.

The Article rewriting way is recommended when you do not have ideas or team to write articles and you want to produce high quality content. In that case google is your friend. You search for quality articles download it and rewrite it according to your own need. It is advisable not to use software for this type of thing because users and search engines want human edited and written articles and text.

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