Addition Long Tail Pro (Day 3)

Long tail keywords are search queries that contains 3 or more words. You can assume that these “words” carry a very specific intention. They are called “long tail” because in the search demand curve, they are the part of the graph that looks like a tail (reptile tail).

Today we would like to present you a software called Long Tail Pro.

Because we are not affiliated in any manner with the product owner and the product itself I will leave you a chance to get it after you follow our advises. There is a 10 days trial so once you finish with reading you will be able try the software without any problem.

Once you install and start the software the game begins. For a start you will need to find some words that have a lot of:

1. Global searches(if you are going on the international market ) or
2. Words with great amount of local searches (depends on the selected search engine extension and country).
3. Also it is advisable to choose high competition words because there are advertisers that want’s to pay some money for the keywords.

After detailed research we have concluded that we have to choose our words very wise. We also made some variations and noted that we have found potential word to use to our web site/blog to target.
It has 14 800 global searches, 9900 local(for US market) 2.48 Average CPC and the advertiser completion is high. And here is noted one factor called Moz factor that if it is closer to 0 it is very profitable and easy keyword to target and if it is close to 100 it is hard keyword to target.

Why should you be using long tail?

  • Reason 1: It will give you better understanding of the user’s intent, since it’s so specific.
  • Reason 2: Long tail commercial intent keywords convert better because they are later in the buying cycle.
  • Reason 3: 70% of all searches come from long tail keywords.
  • Reason 4: Google is adapting to long tail searches, because people are becoming more sophisticated with their search queries.

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